What Is Private Duty Nursing?

If a loved one is in need of additional help, you may want to consider a private duty nurse. A private duty nurse can be an important part of many different types of care, whether for an elderly family member or someone who is disabled. In today’s blog, Phoenix Home Care describes what a private nurse is and what kinds of services they provide.

What is private duty nursing?

Private duty nursing provides patients with long-term skilled nursing care in their own home. Private duty nursing helps patients manage their health, whether it’s one simple health issue or many complex health issues. Private nursing is a long-term solution, meant to protect and improve the patient’s health and well-being over time. For one-on-one in-home healthcare provided by licensed and certified nursing professionals, private duty nursing is a great choice.

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What services do you get with private duty nursing?

The duties of private duty nursing can vary based upon the patient’s medical situation. While some patients may need basic medical care, others may require much more attention. Some of the duties may include:

  • Administering or organizing medications
  • Application of eye drops, ointments or topical medications
  • Feeding meals to the patient
  • Bathroom assistance
  • Changing bandages or gauze
  • Monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar, and other vitals

One of the goals of private duty nursing is to help the patient to be as independent as possible, so the nurse will often provide helpful education in addition to medical care. The nurse might teach the patient how to manage medications, safely perform daily living tasks, or monitor their own symptoms to anticipate health risks.

Who is right for private nursing?

Private duty nursing is not always the best fit for every patient. Private duty nursing does not generally cover basic daily needs such as cooking, cleaning or personal hygiene, so it is important to have a caregiver to provide for these needs. It is important for the patient to have a safe and accessible home, so if the living situation is not secure it may be recommended to move into inpatient care.

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Private duty nursing is often covered under health insurance plans, but generally requires sufficient medical diagnosis for coverage. If you are uncertain about whether your health insurance plan will cover private duty nursing, contact our friendly team for assistance.

Contact Phoenix Home Care

Phoenix Home Care offers private duty nursing for adults who need extra medical attention at home. If you or someone you know needs private duty nursing, contact us today for more information about our services.

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