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What to Expect At the Beginning Of Home Health Care Services

Our Guide to Home Health Care Can Help You Navigate This Important Service As You Heal

As you begin any new journey, it’s important to have a roadmap in front of you, so you can plan accordingly and understand what’s available to you along the way. This knowledge is particularly important as you begin receiving medical services. Clarity about the care you will receive goes a long way in lessening your anxiety, communicating with family members, and mentally preparing yourself for a successful recovery.

Home health care services help you navigate a successful recovery. Although a home health care provider will completely take care of your needs, your medical team will also show you how to care for yourself.

Services from a home health care agency that meets your needs and encourages your participation can help you recover more effectively, reduce medical expenses and hospital readmissions, and help you establish a consistent routine for your well-being. Keep reading to learn what you should expect at the beginning of these services, so you can get the most from them and experience the quality of life you deserve.

Qualifying For Home Health Care

You can start your home health care services after a stay in a hospital or nursing facility, after a fall, or after you visit your physician because of a worsening condition or illness. At that time, your physician may determine that home health care could help you regain your health and order this service.

You could qualify for home health care if you:

  • Require skilled healthcare at home from a nurse.
  • Require skilled healthcare from a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist.
  • You are homebound, meaning you can’t leave your home without the assistance of others or a supportive device, such as a walker or wheelchair.

Making Your Decision About a Home Health Care Provider

You do have the opportunity to make this selection for yourself. After your doctor determines that you qualify for this service, you can choose an agency that delivers excellent home health care near you.

Ensure any agency meets the following criteria:

  • They are Medicare-qualified, even if you don’t have Medicare.
  • They provide the skilled medical care you require.
  • Their core values are a good fit for you.

Home Health Care Services: The First Steps

After you and your doctor choose a home health care agency, your services begin. Here’s what to expect when your journey begins:

  1. Skilled observation and assessment: An RN case manager assigned to you will visit your home and conduct a thorough assessment of your condition to determine what services you need.
  2. Creating your care plan: Your RN case manager will make recommendations and coordinate your care with the physician, which can include speech, occupational, or physical therapy, social work,. This care plan is based on your physician’s orders for home health and your current condition and needs.
  3. Meeting your care team: As your care team arrives to provide services, they will introduce themselves to you, explain their role, and review the care they provide.
  4. Receiving home health care services: Your care team will schedule and attend visits to your home to monitor your progress, make adjustments to your care plan as you progress, and help you care for yourself as independently as possible as you recover and heal.

As you receive home health care, your nurse is only a phone call away, whenever you have questions and concerns about your condition. You even have an on-call number to call for a nurse after-hours, if needed. You will feel like you have a support system you can rely on throughout the time you use this service.

Let the Healing Begin With Home Health Care Services

After this initial stage, you are now on the path to recovering from surgery, healing from an illness, or getting used to a “new normal.” When you elect services from a leading home health care agency, you should expect to feel cared for by your interdisciplinary team and empowered by what you learn about how to manage your condition moving forward.

According to the Home Care Association of America, people receiving home health care experience fewer hospital readmissions and better overall outcomes. Many homebound adults look forward to these visits as a chance to connect with someone who cares, as homebound life can feel isolating.

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