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Why You Need Fantastic Organizational Skills in Home Health Nursing

Home health nurses need a varied skill set. They must be compassionate, patient, kind, and communicative. Nurses also require problem-solving, active listening, and clinical skills to assess and treat patients. You’ll also need fantastic organizational skills. Phoenix Home Care explains why organization is a vital skill for home health nurses.

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Helping Many Clients in a Single Day

Home health nurses often travel to several clients’ homes in a single day. You must maintain proper paperwork and forms, either printed out or virtual on your laptop, so you don’t confuse one client with another. If you fill out paper forms, keep them in a three-ring binder or portable file folder box. Have your calendar app on your phone handy so you know when and where to be throughout your day.

Your car serves as a mobile office. Keep it organized when delivering medications and supplies as you shuttle from one location to the next. Maintain a clean vehicle, free from clutter, so you can organize medicine packages in a particular order. Map out the most efficient routes between homes so you don’t waste time or gas between appointments.

Prioritizing Tasks

Once you enter someone’s home, you must prioritize your tasks for home health nursing. Not only do you have a limited amount of time, but you need to deliver the right kind of care. Someone who just came out of the hospital three days ago following hip replacement surgery may have different priorities compared to someone in hospice care. On your way to the next client’s home, take a mental note of what you need to do first, whether it’s taking vitals, administering medications, or just spending a few minutes talking to your patient. Remember, always have a kind, compassionate attitude! 

Ways to prioritize tasks:

  • Maintain and update a to-do list for each client.
  • Write out your duties, tasks, and responsibilities for each client under your care.
  • Organize your notes on physical paper or a smartphone app, whichever you prefer.

Keeping Common Tools Handy

Home health nurses need more than a stethoscope when working with their clients. Consider a dedicated bag, backpack, or rolling suitcase to keep all of your essential tools handy. 

Common tools you’ll need in the bag include:

  • Chargers for your cellphone and laptop
  • Notebook and pens for writing notes and completing assessments
  • Portable calendar, either in paper or on a phone, to maintain appointments for you and your clients
  • Contact list of your clients’ loved ones, PCP, and care team
  • Common handouts to give to clients and their loved ones
  • Blank copies of forms
  • Folders or binders for the paperwork

You may not need these tools every day, but knowing that they’re nearby means you spend less time looking for them and more time caring for your clients.

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