Zoie Chadwell

Meet Zoie Chadwell, a Caregiver, in the Springfield region!

“I have been with Phoenix for almost 7 months.” What gives me the passion to do the work I do is being able to help people who are unable to do their regular day to day things around their home or even for themselves. I have always had a passion for helping others.”

“Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my son and my family.”

I chose home care when I was younger. I helped take care of my great grandmother, and it really gave me perspective on how hard it is for some people to just do basic things we wouldn’t give a second thought to. I chose Phoenix because I read the mission statement as well as core values and I felt like it was a company I would like to work for.”

I would like to tell others contemplating working for Phoenix that you should just apply, get an interview and talk to one of our many awesome supervisors. They are flexible with your hours and they accommodate you, unlike any other job I’ve worked before. I am PROUD to be a part of Team Phoenix!”

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