Differences Between Skilled Home Health Care and In-Home Care Services

The staff at Phoenix Home Care wants you or your loved one to live comfortably at home. We believe the best healing happens at home, in a familiar environment, before it becomes necessary to move to an assisted living facility. We offer two primary services: skilled home health and in-home care. Read on as Phoenix discusses the main differences between these services.

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Level of Care

Skilled home health care requires regular medical attention by a licensed medical professional, usually a nurse. Clinicians will take vital signs, administer medications, take care of wounds, assess their clients, and take care of minor medical needs such as tube feeding and catheter maintenance. Skilled nurses have advanced training, and they can assess whether or not a patient needs to see a doctor or return to the hospital.

Services Provided

The services Phoenix Home Health provides to clients who need skilled home health revolve around medical needs. For example, a doctor will instruct one of our skilled nurses to change a patient’s wound dressing every day for two weeks while they heal from hip replacement surgery. Long-term care includes clients with a chronic medical condition that needs monitoring, such as stroke victims or people with diabetes.

In-home care services don’t necessarily require a medical professional. These services include dressing, grooming, preparing meals, and performing light chores for people who need extra assistance around the house. These tasks come into play for people with limited mobility, injuries, and long-term conditions that prevent them from performing ordinary daily tasks.

Kinds of Care Providers

Service providers are different when it comes to skilled home health and in-home services. Skilled home health practitioners are typically registered nurses or licensed practical nurses. This means they are licensed to work as nurses in a particular state and they have advanced training in the medical field. Skilled nurses may communicate with doctors and other medical professionals to ensure proper care of their clients.

Meanwhile, in-home care specialists don’t necessarily have medical training. They need to come to work with a sunny disposition, compassionate attitude, and caring mindset. In-home care workers are still vital employees who deliver valuable services to our clients.


As you may expect, costs vary from skilled home health to in-home care services. Skilled medical workers usually cost more per hour compared to in-home care specialists. We evaluate each client on a case-by-case basis before determining the right out-of-pocket costs and what is covered by health insurance.

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Quality In-Home Care by Phoenix Home Care

Do you or a loved one need regular medical care or extra help doing daily tasks around the house? A skilled nurse or in-home care specialist from Phoenix may be able to help you. Contact Phoenix Home Care or call toll-free 1-888-830-2388 if you have questions.

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