Phoenix Home Care Helping You Upon Discharge: Lending an Extra Hand

Coming home from the hospital is a relief. Yet this process has its challenges. What about a care plan for someone after they’re home? Who helps grandpa to make sure he takes his medications? What about helping grandma move around the house following her hip surgery? Phoenix Home Care can help with hospital discharge! Today’s blog explains what we can do to lend an extra hand.

Make a Plan

We’ll meet with your care team to discuss a hospital discharge plan. Phoenix Home Health will consult with your doctor about your medical condition, the kinds of follow-up care needed, medication management, any required medical equipment, and specific instructions for physical activities, food, and drink. Our team will make sure you or your loved one gets the care they need based on what the doctor says upon discharge.

Regular Care

Phoenix Home Care believes the best healing happens at home. Our home health aides and nurses can help with physical therapy, taking medications, moving around the house, wound dressing, any injections needed, and performing light chores around the house. Whether you or your loved one requires a little extra help to heal or several hours of care per day, we’re here for you!

Transportation to Appointments

As much as home care is a blessing, sometimes our patients need to go to a doctor’s office. Our staff can transport you to appointments for physical therapy, post-operation checkups, follow-ups, evaluations by a specialist, and more.

Constant Contact

Upon discharge, we’ll maintain contact with you and your loved ones to provide the best care. Phoenix Home Health can teach your family regular care routines, special care techniques, how to follow-up with a professional care team, and what to do in certain situations. For example, we can teach you how to change dressings on a wound or how to feed someone who just had a stroke. We’ll train you on adaptive equipment, getting around the house, and making sure your caregiver has the capabilities they need to make a relative as comfortable as possible.

Talk to Phoenix Home Care 

Healing at home should be preferable to a long-term care facility upon discharge from a hospital. We’re here to make that possibility a reality! We know you have questions about the future of you or your loved one’s care. Contact Phoenix Home Care or call toll-free 1-888-830-2388 if you have questions about our in-home services.

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