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Spring Into a New Career: Nursing in Home Health Care and Hospice

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If you’re a skilled nurse working as an RN or LPN, and you want a change from your shifts in the hospital or clinic, consider becoming a nurse in home health care and hospice. A new way of working may be just what you need to rejuvenate your passion for patient care and revitalize your enthusiasm for your job.

This spring, take a look at the available roles for qualified candidates like you, including positions as a private duty nurse, home health nurse, RN case manager, or hospice nurse.

Private Duty Nursing for Kids

Hospital or clinic nurses who love working in pediatrics may enjoy a transition to private duty nursing for kids with specialized health care needs. In this role, you’ll visit pediatric patients where they live, learn, and play to enrich their quality of life and support their families.

Private duty nurses tailor medical assistance to every child’s or youth’s specialized needs – including tube feeding assistance, IV therapy management, injections, tracheostomy care, medication administration, and much more.

You might excel in private duty nursing for kids if:

  • You’re especially skilled in building relationships with pediatric patients with unique needs.
  • You’re excited to care for your patients where they live, at school, or even at the summer camps they attend.
  • You’re able to transition from speaking to children to speaking to adults with ease as you provide support for your patient’s family.

Not yet a nurse, but looking to make a difference? Consider a role as a private duty caregiver. Apply on our website.

Hospice Nursing

Hospice caregiver jobs are important because patients rely on you to help them during perhaps the most vulnerable time in their lives. Hospice nurses, too, take on important responsibilities.

As a hospice nurse, you’ll use your knowledge and experience every day to help keep your hospice patients as comfortable as possible. Through medications that ease symptoms, compassionate care, and emotional support, hospice services help patients facing a life-limiting illness.

Becoming a hospice nurse may be right for you if:

  • You like the opportunity to get to know your patients as a person.
  • You prefer to focus on providing quality care for a manageable list of patients.
  • You’re good at offering reassurance and easing fears or anxiety. You’re gentle and have a comforting “bedside manner.”
  • You want to work with an interdisciplinary team toward a common goal.

Please note that a hospice caregiver is not the same as a hospice nurse. Looking for a hospice caregiver job? Search our careers page.

Home Health Care Nurse

Home health care nurses provide intermittent care for patients recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery, or for those who recently received a new, complex diagnosis. You can help your patients adapt to life with catheters, colostomy bags, tracheostomies, or complicated medication schedules and report back to their physician about their progress. Home health care nurses are just one part of a patient’s care team – social workers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists may also work with them as they heal.

Becoming a home health care nurse may be right for you if:

  • You like the idea of having a flexible schedule that you can set. For example, flexible scheduling is ideal for parents who need to pick their children up from school.
  • You enjoy providing one-on-one patient care, focusing solely on the patient in front of you during your visits.
  • You like working with diverse patient populations and aren’t limited to just one hospital unit’s specialty.

Note that both home health care and hospice nurses visit patients where they live – including in their own houses, at skilled nursing facilities, and retirement communities. These roles require you to drive around town. Sounds like fun? Find a job with Team Phoenix.

RN Case Manager in Home Health Care and Hospice

If you want to grow your career beyond patient care, you might consider becoming an RN case manager to play an important role in coordinating care.

RN case managers are registered nurses who work with other nurses to ensure efficiency of home health care or hospice services. They’re responsible for creating schedules, keeping patient records, and coordinating interdisciplinary teams who provide care.

Every day, you’ll put your skills to good use as you review and revise care plans, report on patient progress, and ensure your team meets the highest standards of care. You may also be asked to provide skilled care to your own roster of patients.

You may enjoy being an RN case manager if:

  • You’re detail oriented and thorough in your documentation.
  • You’re a people-person seeking to provide leadership to other registered nurses, LPNs, caregivers, and home health aides.
  • You have a passion for exceeding clinical standards while collaborating with other care experts.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice is hiring for RN case manager roles in both our home health care and hospice service lines. Apply for the role that’s right for you on our website.

Find Home Health Care and Hospice Jobs and More – Join Team Phoenix

Meaningful and rewarding work is just an application away. Phoenix Home Care & Hospice is hiring for a variety of positions in all our service lines. Some positions are even eligible for sign-on bonuses. If you’re an enthusiastic, self-motivated caregiver or nurse, we want to talk to you.

Browse job listings on our careers page, using the location, department, and work type drop-downs to narrow your search. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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