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What Are Non-Medical In-Home Care Services?

How Can My Loved One Benefit?

Nonmedical home care agencies are invaluable resources that can make a difference in your loved one’s quality of life – and the overall quality of care they receive.

Private duty caregivers are one such resource that serves patients of all ages in retaining their independence in their own home or anywhere else they’re receiving skilled care.

Private duty care and non-medical in-home care services are complements to home health care and hospice care by creating a safe environment, facilitating rehabilitation, and fostering independence. They also can be standalone services.

When to Consider Non-Medical In-Home Care Services

It may be time to partner with a nonmedical home care agency when your loved one needs more day-to-day support with tasks like preparing meals, bathing, cleaning, toileting, transportation, medication reminders, and more. Such caregiver services can sometimes delay the need to move your loved one into a full-time nursing facility – but they also are appropriate for youth who need individualized care. Private duty caregivers can provide non-skilled support for medical needs, plus assistance with active daily living skills.

Who Pays for Private Duty Care?

You do not need a doctor’s order to request private duty care services. It is privately paid out-of-pocket, through VA authorization, a long-term care policy, and occasionally worker’s compensation.

Services are available in 2-to-24-hour shifts. This allows patients and their caregivers to customize their visit schedule in a way that fits into their finances and lifestyles.

Is the Cost of Private Duty Care Worth It?

Because private duty caregiving and the non-medical services it entails can help keep loved one’s out of skilled nursing facilities, you may find that it is often the less expensive option.

Nursing home costs are rising and often quickly deplete your loved one’s life savings. With private duty caregivers, you only pay for the services you need, on a set schedule. Private duty care also is available for those who live in homes and other long-term care facilities.

Non-Medical Home Care Services

Private duty care services can include activities such as:

  • Respite care, which gives time for the family caregiver to take a break and rest.
  • Basic housekeeping, including dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom.
  • Planning and accompanying your loved one on social outings.
  • Providing transportation for doctor appointments, grocery shopping trips, and more.
  • Grooming and personal hygiene, including bathing, dressing, and toileting.
  • Meal preparation and planning using groceries in your loved one’s home.
  • Medication reminders.
  • Companionship for entertainment and socialization, including reading, watching television together, card games, and more.
  • Pet care, including feeding, watering, and short walks for cats, dogs, and other common domesticated household pets.

Examples of How to Use Non-Medical Home Care Agency Services

Consider how families like yours can benefit from private duty care with these two anecdotal scenarios.

Clara is an 86-year-old woman who lives alone in her apartment. In recent years, Clara has struggled to keep up with medications that stabilize her diabetes and COPD and is preparing meals and vacuuming less frequently than she used to. She wants to remain independent, but her family members have been taking turns visiting every few days and need time to rest and take care of their own needs, too. They requested private duty care from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice three days per week for three hours per day to ensure Clara is compliant with her medications and is eating diabetes-friendly meals. Her caregiver also dusts and vacuums to ensure a clean and healthful environment. This helps ensure Clara is living comfortably at home and relieves some stress from her family.

Brent is a 96-year-old man who recently had a stroke. His home health agency sends skilled nurses to his son’s home where he lives for a medical care visit each day, but Brent cannot be alone while his son works. Brent’s son scheduled private duty care five days a week, for 12-hour shifts, so he can go to work while feeling confident his father is receiving the companionship and daily care he needs to stay safe and comfortable, including breakfast and lunch preparation, bathing, toileting, and more. In the evenings and on weekends, Brent resumes his father’s caregiving.

As you can see, private duty care and non-medical services provide families with peace of mind that their loved one is safe and living the most fulfilling life possible.

There’s a Non-Medical In-Home Care Agency Near You. Ask Us About Our Services.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice provides skilled private duty care in Missouri in and near the cities of Branson, Springfield, Independence, Jefferson City, Joplin, Lebanon, Sedalia, Springfield, and St. Louis; in Kansas in and near the cities of Hutchinson, Overland Park, Topeka, and Wichita; and in O’Fallon, Illinois.

Contact our team nearest you for more information on how to get started with private duty services for you or a loved one.

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