Benefits of Working in the Medical Field

Pursuing a career in healthcare is a challenging, yet rewarding course. There are many benefits of working in the medical field, which is why it is no surprise that employment in healthcare occupations is projected to grow 18 percent from 2016 to 2026. This is faster than the average for all other types of occupations (source). And at the end of the day, all medical professionals can rest easy knowing that they have made a positive impact in the world and their community.

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Benefits of Working in the Medical Field

Job Security

One of the benefits of working in the medical field is stability. It is an unfortunate fact of life that people age, get sick, and become injured; however, this means that medical professionals will always be invaluable assets to society. In addition, hospitals are open 24/7 and home health care and hospice nurses are also needed around the clock, which means receiving enough hours from an employer is usually not an issue.

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Competitive Salary and Health Benefits

Medical professionals are usually paid well, and their earnings are well deserved. Like most career fields, the more skills and education a medical job requires, the higher the pay.

One perk of being employed by a healthcare organization is having access to a network of experienced doctors, surgeons, and nurses, which can be a literal lifesaver if you experience serious health issues. Additionally, medical professionals usually receive premier health, dental, and life insurance policies.


When choosing a job, flexibility is often at the top of the list to achieve work-life balance. Some jobs in the healthcare field allow part-time hours, or even contract hours, which allow you to choose how often you work. A few professionals that can benefit from the flexibility of part-time or contract employment include registered nurses, home health aides, physician assistants, physical therapists, and radiologic technicians. Even full-time healthcare professionals can choose to work night shifts or longer shifts to have more day hours available to spend with their family and friends.

Energetic and Ever-Changing Work Environment

For healthcare professionals, no two days are ever the same, which means no day will be repetitive or dull. Since each body is built differently and each case is unique, every week will present new challenges and opportunities.

As a surgeon, nurse, or physician, you don’t have to worry about the boredom that comes along with a slow workday because you will see many patients, and each patient will deserve your full attention and efforts. Changes of scenery can also make your workday go by faster, as home health care and hospice professionals can often attest since they work in a variety of client homes.

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Meaningful Work

Out of all the benefits of working in the medical field, this one could be considered the most valuable. Careers in healthcare are incredibly rewarding and purposeful because medical professionals play a huge role in saving lives and improving the quality of life of their patients. Just being there to listen to a patient’s struggles and help them create goals can change that person’s life. Nurses and doctors are often with patients and families on some of the worst days of their lives, which gives them the opportunity to bring joy to others by being positive and supportive. From the lab technician to the hospice worker, from the surgeon to the nurse, healthcare workers can bring comfort to those experiencing pain, and that is a noble act.


Are you pursuing a new career? There are many benefits of working in the medical field, and home health and hospice nursing are great options that will fill your days with meaning and variety. If you live in southwest Missouri and are interested in becoming a hospice or home health nurse, visit the Phoenix Home Care and Hospice Career Center, contact us online, or call 1-855-881-7442. Phoenix has a team of dedicated professionals that provide a wide range of services, and we are always interested in meeting compassionate professionals who want to make a positive difference in the lives of patients.

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